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Divine Medicine: Cacao

Disirblot may have already passed this month but there is still ample opportunity to connect with the female goddesses.

The blot’s Americanish counterpart is Valentine’s Day; cue images of cheap chocolate and foil printed cards. I used to buy into the commercial hype, so I can speak for it. But since those days passed of heart shaped boxes and capitalist enslavement I’ve learned a couple of things. Things I’d like to share in an open format.

Chocolate in its pure form is plant medicine. The great motherly spirit of Cacao is gentle, wise, and nurturing. She has facilitated ceremony with humans for thousands of years, beginning with the native South American tribes of the mountains and jungles: Zapotec, Olmec, Maya, Inca, Aztec, and countless others. They prepared cacao as a hot liquid with herbs and spices. 

In its pure form cacao is the most pharmacologically complex plant on this Earth. It is a superfood packed with nutrients, minerals, and neurochemicals that assist in healing, rewiring the brain, experiencing joy, and detoxing the liver.  This isn’t Hershey chocolate, nor is it even a Lindt 86% dark chocolate bar. The difference lies in the growing of the plant by using fair-trade, organic standards from farmers who cultivate the spirit of cacao with love, respect, and a healthy dose of oral history. 

Drinking ceremonial chocolate allows you to tap into the plant’s collective consciousness, the wisdom that resides in the pool of shared experiences by the plant and its drinkers. I regularly drink ceremonial chocolate and the benefits have been incredible: increased immunity, decreased depression, explosion of creative energy, ability to cultivate intimate relationships based upon trust, respect, and love. Cacao ceremony is a celebration of unconditional love and the divine feminine. It is going home. 

To cacao I have brought my problems: help me to write a book, help me to kick my sweets habit, help me to overcome the trauma and abuse I’ve suffered. You can tell that something is meant for you by the feeling you get in your body. Did you get goosebumps reading this? I encourage you to learn more about the benefits of cacao. Here is a link to a website about the history, health benefits, and ceremonial properties of cacao It is the only source that I use to buy my cacao, and has been for over a year. 

During ceremony I often invoke Freyja, my matron goddess, as well as Mother Earth and the pure vibration of the Divine Feminine. As you read last month in Jake’s Food of the Gods article, plant medicine is to be respectfully approached; and I truly believe that the plant medicine calls you to it, not the other way around. So, I’ll stop there with enough food for thought. 


Raw cacao being harvested, the fruit is opened to expose the bean pods

By Chancellor Kendall Belopavlovich, Princess of Hrafnarfjall

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