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Inclusivity and Why It’s Important

We’ve said before that Hrafnarfjall is inclusive, and that this is non-negotiable. The only ideologies we don’t accept are those that stand contrary to inclusivity.

What does this mean, though, and why is it so important – why are we so adamant about inclusivity? 

When we say, ‘inclusive’, we mean ‘tolerant’. This means that even though YOU personally may not like something, you WILL respect another’s right to their choice. Whether that’s race, religion, gender identity or sexuality identity, among other things, we accept people as they want to be accepted. You don’t have to personally make that choice, or even agree with it – but you do have to accept another person’s right to make it for themselves. To do otherwise is to take away a person’s individual freedom – to impose your will on them – and that will never be tolerated.  

This isn’t ‘ramming it down your throat’, it’s telling you that you do not get to decide for anyone else. You only get to decide for yourself, and thus, you don’t get to bully, harass, or demean them in any way for it.  Many of us in Hrafnarfjall have been there, facing bullying and harassment. Many of us know how it feels, and that’s another huge reason we’re so insistent on tolerance. We hope you’ll join us in vowing never to allow it to happen to anyone else, ever again. 

If you see it happening, take a stand, and let someone know.  Too often, we see people justify their bigotry or intolerance. We don’t care what your religion says, we don’t care what your personal feeling on the matter is, if you’re with us, what this means is that you WILL treat all people with dignity and respect. Quite simply, that’s just being a decent person.  

Another thing – tolerance doesn’t just mean within the Kingdom borders. We require tolerance in-Kingdom or out-Kingdom.  To expound on this what we mean is the idea that “Oh just don’t bring it to Hrafnarfjall” does not apply with us. Here’s why. If others see ideology contrary to inclusivity being espoused, and it is known those espousing them are affiliated with Hrafnarfjall – then they assume Hrafnarfjall accepts people with these ideologies and espouses these ideologies.  

Additionally, we won’t have people in Hrafnarfjall coming across intolerant ideologies among other people we’ve allowed in to Hrafnarfjall. For those reasons, we have drawn a hard line. In fact, we would remind you all that this means that if we see those ideologies being espoused – those espousing them will be exiled from the Kingdom.  Done deal. We’re not going to keep them on to “try to change their minds” or “bring them around” because of the reasons we’ve discussed above. 

Folks, we can’t be the only ones who’ve encountered groups whose members are bigoted or blatantly racist or even supremacist, and it’s given a bad reputation to us all.  THAT is why we’ve drawn such a hard line. We are in direct opposition to those groups because, after all, who the hell are WE to tell someone they can’t follow the Gods that chose them, ever, let alone because of something like the color of their skin or where their ancestors hailed from? GO on, tell the gods themselves that they can’t call whom they will. Dare you. What do YOU think the Gods care about – what’s in one’s heart, or the color of one’s skin? Whom they fall in love with? If we need to go on, elaborate further, please do come talk to us. 

By High Queen Laura Bainbridge of Hrafnarfjall

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