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Interview with Baroness Raywyn Moonsinger

Greetings! I got the pleasure to interview a member of the Nobility, Baroness Raywyn Moonsinger, and she graciously answered the list of questions I put together for her with honesty and joy.

She hails from Australia and is the Baroness of the Eyrie. 

  1. Tell us about you as an individual.

I am a BoneWoman— and Seer. I am a Wildlife Rehab carer, raising and rehabilitating Native bird species mainly. I currently have a small business creating Talismans..the Old Way. And Casting the Bones for those seeking guidance and clarity.

  1. Tell us a little bit about your background; before you became apart of the Nobility?

I’ve spent 25 years in Marketing and Sales fields, mainly mechanical and technical industries. Cook, larger groups a specialty. Wildlife carer for 13 years. Emergency Services Disaster Response, 15 years. Seer for over 30 years. Officially BoneWoman for 2 years- though I’ve been casting the Bones for many, many years.

  1. Tell me a little bit about being in the Hrafnarfjallian Nobility; what is it like? 

Currently, there’s no great burden being a Baroness. While I am based in Australia, my Role is limited by distance. I am on the Royal Privy Council, so I’m mainly Advisor to the Crown. 

  1. Describe what being a Baroness is to you. 

Hm, a tricky one as I’ve never been one before. I feel honored by the bestowing of such a title by the Crown, but it won’t feel really real, until I’m on the ground, living and working in the community.

  1. What do you personally oversee in the Kingdom as the Baroness of Eyrie? 

I have been tasked with Wildlife Management- but I can’t currently do it due to distance.  And of course, Advisor to the Crown.  

  1. I’m sure there’s many things to be joyful about, with this job, what are some of those joyful aspects?

 Being a part of building a Community, the right way.

  1. I’m sure this job is a very stressful one too, what are some of those stressful parts? 

Distance. It’s frustrating being HERE, when I could be actively THERE, making things happen and getting ‘stuck in’.

  1. How would you, as someone from the Nobility, describe the Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall? 

The Kingdom is in its infancy, but has strong Ideals and a willingness to create a better society. 

  1. What types of jobs are needed in Hrafnarfjall at this time? 

I see many things needing a team of people to help build dwellings. I see a need for those skilled in the Old Crafts to be willing to help and pass those skills on to others, preserving Old Ways. Carpenters, fibremakers (growing, dyeing, spinning, weaving), animal husbandry folks, farmers, stonemasons, potters; to start with. 

  1. Do you have any words for us about our war with the Wolves of Vinland? 

No. Only that bigotry and bastards are not welcome in our Halls.


By Jake Kline, Feature Writer for the Hrafnarfjall Times

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