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Red Alert: The Wolves of Vinland

From Their Majesties High King Thomas Bainbridge I and High Queen Laura Bainbridge of Hrafnarfjall

“By Order of the Crown of Hrafnarfjall, as of 3:41 Sunday November 10, we are at war with the Wolves of Vinland. They are a known Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist group with violent means – and they have begun recruiting in Minneapolis and St. Paul, according to a nearby Kindred we speak with.

They are practically on our doorstep, spreading their hate and poison.

Not on our watch.

The War Council of Hrafnarfjall has been called. We charge you all with vigilance. If you hear anything regarding them, here in Minnesota or otherwise, let the Crown know immediately.

No Quarter. No Mercy. End the spread of this poison.”

The Wolves of Vinland are a counterculture “tribe” in various parts of the country.

They claim to be pagan and follow a more traditional way of living where men are the providers and women are the housekeepers and nurturers, as stated on the two main founders’ Facebook pages, Mattais and Paul Waggener. The Waggeners are brothers.

Their views, however, are geared towards white nationalism and extreme misogyny. Their imagery comes from Nazi and Norse inspiration; total misreadings from Scandanavian and Geramanic paganism; men’s rights activist ideology; and they draw on the powerlifting and black metal subcultures. They have created a “tribalist” organization as stated by Rose City Antifa1. 

“When I say tribe, family, whatever, that’s a very very well understood idea that these people are inside and those people are outside,” Paul Waggener stated in an interview with Dailybeast, there’s a sense of separation from the world in his words. Leading white nationalist Brad Griffin has praised the Wolves of Vinland’s efforts2. 

Their white supremacist ideals emerge on their Facebook page, where members are pictured wearing T-shirts that read “Free Hjalti,” a reference to Wolves of Vinland member Maurice Michaely who was sentenced to spend two and a half years in prison after pleading guilty to burning a historic black church. 

They are located in three locations throughout the country: Lynchburg, Virginia which is called Ulheim/Appalachia; Cheyenne in Wyoming and Colorado which is called Windborn; and in the Pacific Northwest region of Cascadia1. 

The Wolves of Vinland have been around for about 14 years and another name for the group is Operation Wolf. You can find Operation Wolf on Facebook, as well as the Facebook for their Ulheim chapter and various members- like founders Paul and Mattais Waggener.  They have a fairly large online presence with Paul Waggener owning a Youtube channel, posting workout videos, esoteric videos, videos about The Wolves of Vinland, and more. 

They also have a website; and an instagram; @operationwerewolfofficial. They did have a presence on Twitter at one time but their Twitter got suspended. I looked on Twitter myself to try and find it. People were tagging their Twitter but every time I clicked on it, Twitter told me “this account is suspended”. People still use the #wolvesofvinland hashtag. 

Aside from having a large social media presence Paul Waggener also has a number of esoteric ebooks for sale online. It is clear that The Wolves of Vinland are using whatever means they can to reach as many as they can, to spread their misogynistic and backwards “pagan” message. While they may claim to be followers of Odin and the pagan ways, true pagans don’t ascribe to these thoughts as they meet many people along their travels from all races and religions. To bring white nationalist ideology into the pagan community hurts many who are apart of it and paints an unwanted light on the community as a whole. 

The ideas of traditionalism are taken to an extreme in that it becomes misogyny, oppression, and outright violence. We have some very powerful Goddesses who would laugh at the idea of men being in total control- everything needs a balance- and The Wolves of Vinland don’t seem to understand the necessity of balance. They’re ripe for toppling. 

Researched and written by Jake Kline




Dismantling Hate Groups is a long-haul process that requires education, outreach, and compassion. The Crown, in conjunction with the Home Secretary, have developed three initiates to achieve the Kingdom’s goal of dismantling the Wolves of Vinland, as well as other heathen-based hate groups. 

  1. InformationThe information Initiative has begun with the publishing of this newsletter article. We gathered data about the group, and now the real work begins.We must stay vigilant in online spaces; in educating ourselves and others about this group; in learning about how to facilitate spaces of inclusivity and positivity. If you are able to do so, keeping track of this group’s activities will help to prevent further violence or fear-mongering.
  2. SupportWe are grateful to have the support of our citizens, local Minnesotans, and other micronations. We ask that as citizens of Hrafnarfjall, if you feel the spark, announce your support of the War to The Crown.You can participate in the Information initiative by providing The Crown and local police with tips regarding the group’s activities; educating yourself and others; flagging and reporting their social media accounts; and spreading our Kingdom’s principles through volunteer work under our banner and conducting yourself in an honorable manner.
  3. ReformationOnce the group has been dismantled, ex-members can and will be lost. Their identity has been dashed and these people will need support and resources in order to move forward in positive ways.Hrafnarfjall will offer reformed ex-members a place in our community, the same as we would offer it to anyone else. This invitation will extend to those who renounce their old ways and abide by our principles.

Written by Kendall Belopavlovich

By Chancellor Kendall Belopavlovich, Princess of Hrafnarfjall

This Two Part Piece Was A Collaborative Effort


By Jake Kline, Feature Writer for the Hrafnarfjall Times

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