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The Fireball of the Year

Ah Summer, my favorite season. It is the fireball of the year depending on where you live. I live in Western New York so our summers are hot and humid, and our winters are long and harsh. I am a Leo, as is my boyfriend Zachary so the summer season is special to me all around. Summer is a time of intense heat and growth, this is when the sun is out and it’s rays give living things vitamins in the most glorious ways.

You see the forests get beautifully green and hear the animals scamper through the woods. The snow is melted and the rivers are running through the lands blessing it with fertility and life. This is a time of life, this is a time to enjoy the company of others, and bring the growth of relationships into being.

During this time of the year Sunna, the sister of Mani is the obvious Goddess that presides over the Summer Solstice, which falls on Saturday June 20th this year. Other Gods which preside over the summer solstice are Frey and Freyja, who combine their energies to make the flowers turn to fruit. Heimdall and his rainbow bridge may be honored at high summer. Baldur is sometimes honored on Midsummer as a sacrificed God of light, and also in November when everything is withering and dying.  Aegir, Ran, and their nine daughters may be honored as well, the Thursar of the ocean.

The summer is when the Eldrthurs or the Fire Giants rule, like Surt, Sinmora, Sunna, Glut, Logi, Farbauti, Daeg, etc. The old fire Giant Logi, brother of Kari and Ageir may be honored as patron of Midsummer bonfires. The Eldrthurs come hot in this time of the year as they are the heat of the summer, the fires of Muspell are the hottest in all the worlds of Yggdrasil and their heat comes through in the summer, so this is a good time to work with fire runes and fire energy in general. 

The fire Giants are experts on this topic and may assist you if you wish to learn the ways of the sun. Eldrthurs enjoy anything that is charred black, although they love raw fruits because they are hard to obtain in Muspell, especially Surt. They like things with heat, and things with cinnamon, Loki loves cinnamon. They enjoy spicy liquors and like all Giants they love Jack Daniels.

In Haitian Vodou traditions June 24th, St, John’s Eve, is sacred to Ti Jean Dantor, the Lwa (Haitian Vodou spirit) of fire and son of Erzulie Dantor, mother of Haiti. He is a Lwa of the fierce Petwo nation of spirits, he loves fire and smokes two cigarettes at a time, he is also the protector of firefighters. To salute him we say “Azaro!” and his cocktail which he drinks from a gallon is called Bouteille Ti Jean, it is made from cinnamon, sugarcane, clairin, anetoile, sugar, and lanni. If Ti Jean Danto is in your Escort or family of Lwa, which can be found out only through a reading with a Houngan (priest) or Mambo (priestess), this would be a good night to feed him.

The Summer Solstice, and the summer season in general is truly a time to celebrate and be joyful for the growth and heat of the sun. One of the ways I do this is by traveling to a music festival every year in Rye, Colorado called Sonic Bloom. The festival opens on the Summer Solstice and on the first night they have blessings and prayers for the solstice, and bless the crowd with sage. We place our hands on the earth and give thanks, Native American dancers and drummers start playing as well, as we go off into the night and the rest of the days of the festival.

Blessings to you all! And Skål to the Eldrthurs and Azaro to Ti Jean!  

Here is a ritual for Loki’s Blót day from our friends at The Church of Asphodel: 


Calendar of the Sun

11 Lithemonath (June)


Loki’s Day


Color: Red

Element: Fire

Altar: Upon a red cloth place three red candles, a stone with the rune Os carved into it, the figure of a mare, the figure of a bird, two small round stones, and a chain.

Offerings: Examine yourself for how you manipulate others, even for their own good, or with truthful means. Be ruthless with yourself.

Daily Meal: Hot, spicy food.

Invocation to Loki

Song: All That Burns

Laufey’s Son,

Trickster of the far north,

Delicate spawn of giants,

Wheedler and coaxer with the secret agenda,

Liar who speaks the truth others will not hear,

We call you, two-faced one whose soul burns bright,

And invite you to be critical of our souls.

You love to make us break our vows,

When those vows are made heedlessly.

You love to catch us in our own hypocrisies

And puncture our bubbles of pride.

Nothing is safe from you, no emotion

Is sacrosanct from your prodding.

What do we really think, you ask?

What are we not saying? You know,

And your shifty eyes catch ours,

Your crafty smile slips across your face,

And we blush in shame, knowing

That you have read our foolish fumblings

With the truth. For the truth is a flame that burns,

You tell us. Do not pretend to eat fire

If you are not willing to suffer the consequences,

Which is to be cast out by others.

Only when we are clear-eyed and humble

Will your gaze toward us be free of slyness.

Loki, Spirit of Truth and Lies,

Burn us with the measure of our own words.

By Jake Kline, Feature Writer for the Hrafnarfjall Times

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