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The Ironwood Warriors

Deep within the Heart of Jötunheim, which is what the Jötunfolk call it, is a forest where magick surges. It pulses in the ground like radiation and creates bizarres forms among the trees. Some deep power emanates from it and all Jötnar born there are Gods. Great Fenrir; the massive Black Wolf who will one day swallow the All-Father, was born there. As was cold Hela; she is half corpse and half beautiful woman. Jörmugandr was also born there, the great encircling serpent. The forest’s Chief is Angrboda, the Old Witch of the East. Also my mother. She is strong, ferocious, hard headed, funny, she is the embodiment of all of this forest. The forest is called Jarnvidr, which means the Ironwood. From this forest walks many trolls and different creatures of all different forms. It is sometimes known as the wood of werewolves, this is where the wolves came from, from the womb of Angrboda. She is the wolf goddess and is very protective over her kin, no matter how deformed. The magick radioactivity gives birth to many deformed creatures, Giants, trolls, etc. Some are larger, some are small. There is an understanding among the clans of the Ironwood, to help out and aid those who are not as able bodied as the others. For an example; a larger Giant may throw a small Giant on their shoulders at a moot to help them see better. The smaller or more disabled Jötnar are usually the ones who are more skilled at witchcraft and have spiritual abilities. Angrboda, my mother, is a Giantess who cares for all her devotees and children no matter their deformities or how different society makes them feel. To her they are strong if they don’t let the world or their disabilities get the best of them. She urges them to be strong and push through, call upon the strength within yourself and the strength of the Giants, and you will work together. While she is a fierce and dangerous goddess to those she doesn’t chose to work with, she is nurturing to those she loves and protects all people who are deemed the “freaks” by society; who can’t protect themselves; or who are disbaled in some way, be it physically or mentally. Within our Kingdom we have some folks who are disabled and who do feel like outcasts from society. We are here to tell you we love you and accept you for who or what you are, or whatever troubles you may have. We are here for you and we are here to help, that is what kin do, that is what Angrboda teaches and the Jötnar of the Ironwood teach this as well. We give a call and a great Skål to you my family, you are The Ironwood Warriors and we honor you! You need not feel unwanted or feel put out because we are all the same here at the end of the day, and that’s what makes our differences so unique. Be it Gay, Bi, Transgendered, Black, Mexican ,White, Jewish, mentally, or physically disbaled we love you all and will protect you with all our might and stength. Angrboda demands it of us, as a Völva I know she is around and she loves this Kingdom and all of its people, she will protect the outcasts and disbabled people and show them how to protect themselves. As Sly & The Family Stone said in their song Everyday People, “Different strokes, for different folks.” 

A poem by Jake Kline to Angrboda

That Aged Old Witch

That aged old witch, she sat in the east

In the Ironwood, with her pack, does she feast

From her loins came three

My warning you should heed

Fenris came, with all his might

With All-Father soon, he will fight

Another did come, in the form of a girl

The dead she inherited, with them she danced and twirled

Another did come and suckle her breast

With the Midgard Serpent she was blessed

A troll wife she is

Loki Laufey’s Son, she was his

Through this union came all we fear

Even when cursed, that witch does not shed a tear

Strong is she, of Giantess stock

In Niflheim is the wolf in lock

The young girl, banished to Hel

On the road to the gate, so close to the well

The serpent was thrown to the ocean he was 

A protection for Midgard, was Woden’s cause

Strongest is she, I do love

Darkest Mother, much beloved

In all this, she does not give up

When I pass, with her I will sup. 


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  4. The Poetic Edda by Jackson Crawford-translator. 
  5. My own book of Shadows

By Jake Kline, Feature Writer for the Hrafnarfjall Times

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