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This is Hrafnarfjall

A star-crossed lover once asked,

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet.” 

(Juliet Capulet, Act 2 Scene 2 of Romeo and Juliet)

Hrafnarfjall is a name, sure. It’s a strong name at that, meaning “Raven Mountain” in Old Norse, a long-dead language.

So strong, in fact, that it can be tough to pronounce correctly. But once the word rolls off your tongue for the first time something clicks and excitement begins to bubble up. It becomes a magic name, a name that symbolizes ideals, people, places, things, and hope. It’s a name that can’t be mistaken or overlooked, a solid name that has purpose.

Hrafnarfjall began in 2016 and, after becoming an absolute monarchy in 2018, has become a stronghold for the ways of the Old. Our motto- Perseverance, Independance, Strength- hearkens back to the wise words spoken in the Havamal. 

Konungr (King) Thomas Bainbridge as and Drottning (Queen) Laura Bainbridge as Co-Sovereigns established Hrafn Myrir in 2019, the capital of the kingdom. 

Some 40 acres sprawl across Midwestern America, left behind by a hedge witch who breathed magic into the lungs of the land. It whispered to them, and Their Royal Majesties answered the call.

Every day that passes by is another day that Hrafnarfjall swells like a coin purse receiving a daily quarter allowance. Hrafnarfjall prides itself on maintaining a royal family that includes heir presumptive Crown Prince Evan, ensuring that our traditions are passed down for generations to come. 

The Crown oversees the Principality of Veðrkar (Wind Bowl); The Duchy of Villi-Eldr (Wildfire); The Duchy of the Raven’s Loft; The Jarldom of Njordland; The Barony of the Eyrie; and The Barony of UlvDal. In addition, the Ministry, which oversees government functions of the kingdom, continues to grow with the addition of the new Minister of Home Affairs, Kendall Belopavlovich. 

Perhaps we should not ask what’s in a name, but rather, what’s behind the name? Our name is backed by skilled leadership, passionate royalty, educated ministers, mature citizens, and secure foreign relations.

This is Hrafnarfjall.

By Chancellor Kendall Belopavlovich, Princess of Hrafnarfjall

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